Sunday, April 27, 2008

I have a new job!

So, the job that I mentioned in my last post is going to be my new job! I start in almost two weeks and I'm so excited! My commute is going to be one block long - literally. I'm just sitting here reflecting on how much less stressful the whole morning process is going to be. I can wake up, maybe do some yoga or meditation, shower, make breakfast and coffee and then just walk a block to work. I won't need to worry about bus or train schedules, catching a taxi, driving in traffic, parking, etc. Just that small change is going to make such a huge impact on the level of stress in my life. I can walk home and prepare a healthy lunch. There are no Starbucks or chain restaurants in sight.

Of course, many people would probably tell me that this is a crazy time to make any big life changes given the uncertainty of my current medical status. I just feel like I can't just wait around for "what if". And the situation I was in was extremely toxic and, I feel, has negatively impacted my health. In fact, when my resignation was announced my boss began privately telling people that I was leaving to have a kidney transplant and that I "didn't have long to live" - both statements obviously untrue- just to cover the fact that I was actually leaving because she was a horrible boss. Not to mention the blatant breach of confidentiality regarding my medical history. And the fact that those are pretty sensitive and hurtful things to be putting into the universe. Ahhh yes, the list of reasons why my new job is a wonderful development just keep growing. Love it.

In other news, the cellcept, prednisone, and blood pressure medications aren't working yet so my nephrologist is slowly increasing the cellcept and has put me on another blood pressure medication. I have to say that taking all of these pills in one day can be really annoying. I'm trying to develop some kind of system for taking them and storing them. I just really don't want to buy one of those plastic day-of-the-week pill containers - it seems like admitting defeat, or little old ladyish, or something - but I may have to as they seem useful. So far, no really bad side effects (knock on wood). I do still feel very puffy and it doesn't really seem like any of the symptoms like foamy urine and edema have decreased. We shall see, hopefully the increase in cellcept will do it's thing and the kidney damage will stop progressing. More later.